A Splash of Romance Luau – Pincher Creek Spray Park Fundraiser

Pearls of Polynesia dance in Pincher Creek, Alberta

Hula Dancing for a Cause: The Pincher Creek Spray Park

Two of the Pearls of Polynesia were honoured to be part of an exciting new development in Pincher Creek. The community of Pincher Creek is coming together to build a spray park for the kids! As part of their fundraising event, the Pearls danced for everyone and had the guests having fun performing the hula and luau activities.

The Voice of Pincher Creek wrote an amazing article on the event, complete with video!  Definitely check it out!

For more information on the Pincher Creek Spray Park and to find out how to get involved, please reach out to their facebook page here.

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Kids Cancer Care Gala

It was a thrill to be part of the Kids Cancer Care Gala this year!  All the little girls were dressed in their finest accompanied by their dad to be at this fun fill event.  This year was a beach theme and the Pearls of Polynesia were thrilled to be part of the event!

The Pearls were very excited to feature their new hula skirts!

Here are some photos of the Pearls of Polynesia (photos taken by the talented Brangwin Jones:

Calgary Polynesian Hula Dancers

Taking a breath before heading up on stage!

Dance over this way to the Luau

Dance over this way to the Luau

There were so many activities at the gala including facepainting, balloon twisting (one of our Pearls changed out of her hula skirt to join with the balloon twisters after the show), doodling on a white car, visiting with parrots, sand castle building, spinning for prizes, making candy bags, crafts, having fun in the tropical photo booth, airbrush tattoos and jumping on a trampoline.

Family Luau for Victor

The Pearls of Polynesia in connection with Pegasus Performances was honoured to be asked to perform for a surprise 40th Birthday Party for Victor in Airdire, Alberta. The party was held at a very quaint and authentic Italian Restaurant called Il Forno’s 2914 Kingsview Boulevard Southeast #209, Airdrie, AB T4A 0E1 (403) 945-4444. The private birthday party was held upstairs of ll Forno’s where larger parties and functions are held. The large room was packed with family and friends of the birthday boy, Victor who was turning 40 years young! The Luau based party was a smashing success. Victor’s wife was the mastermind behind this wonderful celebration of her husband’s life’s milestone. She wanted to surprise him with a hula dancer as well to get Victor up on stage to allow those who love him to relish in his Pareo sarong wearing splendour and his hula dance skills. This alone brought the crowd to it’s feet with laughter, cheering, encouragement, photos and whistles!

Victor was truly the Victor-ious in his 40-year celebration, as he demonstrated he is not too old to learn new tricks and to dance the night away.

This was a warm and tropical extravaganza on a chilly, wintery eve in the month of February. It was a welcome break from the Canadian weather outside, to visit the tropics and dive into a world of palm trees, coconuts, grass skirts, tahitian warriors and hula maidens. (Despite the fact that the trees may have been of the inflated and paper variety, and the Kanes and Wahines were wearing coats and scarves plus the occasional pair of Sorrel boots to venture into the outside!)

Upon the Pearls of Polynesia entering, the audience went wild, the cheering and the applause was louder than the music as everyone was excited to honour their friend Victor with this surprise moment of the evening. Victor was pulled up on stage beforehand and was accompanied by his daughter, who was beside herself to see his reaction to the performance.

We also were joined by several other men on stage to perform a Tahitian warrior dance.

We were then were joined on stage by some lovely ladies too. Among them was Victor’s wife, Victor’s children, plus female friends and family members. We all learned a hula dance to Tiny Bubbles. Tiny Bubbles is a signature hula piece of the Pearls of Polynesia that is a fun hula dance sequence that all ages can enjoy. The young children were very excited to join in the excitement and festivities on stage. Our lovely hula performance made time to allow the birthday boy to build an appetite again to receive his lovely birthday cake afterwards. As our time came to a close, the birthday festivities and merriment continued with the singing of Happy Birthday, and bringing of the cake.

It was a joyous 40th Birthday for Victor and his family, and The Pearls Of Polynesia were very happy to be a part of this celebration.

All the best for the coming year Victor, make it joyous and keep that warrior spirit and kind heart. Aloha

Hula Family Celebration Calgary

Family Hula celebration for the birthday boy Victor

This Way to Sand and Fun!

This way to sand and fun!

Pearls of Polynesia Waiting to hitch a ride before Dancing at Calgary Fundraiser held at Heritage Park

Car broke down - help the Pearls get to the luau!

The Pearls of Polynesia Being Entertaining Behind the Scenes too as usual!

“Thank you Pearls! You did a great job at our Legacy Dinner. Not only was it a sold out crowd, but we surpassed our fundraising goal of $10,000.00 net! Thank you again for your performance and adding such a great spirit and welcoming!”

The Pearls of Polynesia participated in a fantastic evening of fun to help raise funds for the Father Lacombe Care Centre Foundation. As guests came in, the Pearls greeted them with welcoming smiles and leis. Guests then got to participate in a fun treasure hunt and mixer, exploring Calgary’s Heritage Park Gasoline Alley, obtaining signatures from performing artists (including the Pearls!), winning prizes hidden under umbrellas in a sand box and enjoying songs of the “South Pacific”. The Pearls taught guests fun Hawaiian facts and how to use Hawaiian implements to make music. During dinner, the Pearls delighted the crowd with Hawaiian dances on stage.

Calgary’s Tropical Addition to the Femme Fatale Carnivale Performance at Dickens Pub

Calgary Hula Dancers get ready backstage

The Pearls of Polynesia Group Photo Backstage before their Hula and Tahitian Numbers on Stage

The Pearls of Polynesia were thrilled to be part of the Femme Fatale Carnivale  Performance at Dickens Pub in support of The Marsha Ellen Meidow Foundation, which aims to get women and youth off the streets and out of abusive environments. Marsha passed away in 2010. She was a well known and cherished activist and humanitarian in Calgary, with much of her time being devoted to various women’s causes. The event is put on by her friends and family, determined to keep her legacy alive.  The Pearls were pleased to be part of the great lineup of acts.  Wonderful photos of the event were taken by photographer Mark Engel.

Shaking hula hips for non-for-profit that helps women get back on their feet

Calgary’s Dickens Pub gets a taste of Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands on stage in support of the Marsha Ellen Meidow Foundation, Copyright Mark Engel

Dancing to Tahitian Drums in Calgary

Beautiful Calgary Hula Dancer Maya performing to the Tahitian Drums, Copyright Mark Engel

Hula Dancer Angela gracing the stage

Wonderful Close up of wahini Angela blowing a kiss to the audience, Copyright Mark Engel

Auburn Bay Community Hula

The Auburn Bay Residents Association held its annual Beach Party at the Auburn House and the Pearls of Polynesia were invited to participate. Maya, Christina and Angela all danced at this event.  The show was split into two mini 20-25min performances.  For each performance, the Pearls of Polynesia performed two dances and then had two interactive activities for community members to participate in.

There was a beautiful custom made stage with a black surface for the performances which had been preheated by the sun.  The hula dancers started their first performance barefoot and they all immediately felt the burning heat of the stage, but knowing that the show must go on, they all continued to dance with great big smiles until Christina was the first to cave and then they all STOPPED, jumped off the stage, put sandals on, then started again!  It was like dancing on lava!  (The dancers wondered if their feet would blister from the heat of the stage, but surprisingly it was all good!).  Lesson learned, sandals remained on their feet for the remainder of the show 🙂


Hula Dancing on a Really Hot Stage

The stage was so hot from the Calgary summer sun, it felt like dancing on lava rocks! Here, the hula dancers feel a HUGE relief from putting their shoes on! Copyright Dean Imler

During the second performance, Maya’s drum solo turned into a duet with a very enthusiastic audience member.

A shout out to the two amazing teenage boys who managed to dance the complete Tahitian warrior dance all while holding snow cones and not spilling!

There were participants of all ages, but there were also some VERY young, keen and eager participants in the audience.  It did prove to be a bit of a challenge to modify the pareos to fit the really little children for the interactive activities, but it was a first for the Pearls of Polynesia to get to teach toddlers in the fine art of hula dancing. All participants did very well!

Also a first, the winner of the male Tahitian Warrior dance was a young lady who won a lovely pair of coconuts!

The Hawaiian Band activity was VERY successful with the children.  They were very studious and very quickly picked up the island rhythms to great audience applause.

. The amazing photographer Dean Imler snapped some amazing pictures of the performances which we are happy to share a selection here:

Dancing to the Hawaiian Hula Music

The Pearls of Polynesia performing at Auburn Bay’s Annual Beach Party, dancing to a hula choreography, copyright Dean Imler

Calgary's Angela instructing the audience members in the fine art of hula dancing

The lovely Angela leading the crowd participation activities sprinkled with her famous sense of humour, instructing the audience members on how to tie on a pareo and how to hula like the Hawaiians, Copyright Dean Imler

Everyone went home with pineapples and the Pearls of Polynesia got some great photos by the beach.  It was hot and very beautiful and the hula dancers got stopped while walking on the beach to take photos with residents.

The Pearls of Polynesia Hula Dancers cooling their feet in Auburn Lake

Pearls of Polynesia soothing their feet in Calgary’s Auburn Bay Lake after their performances

DJ Michael and DJ assistant Rory were very professional and fabulous to work with.

A very fun and successful show!  The Pearls hope to be invited back next year for more hula beach fun!

Charity Golf Tournament Luau

Hawaiian Hula Dancing with Delphiniums in the Background

Performing Hula at Charity Golf Tournament just outside of Calgary city limits, entertaining the guests as they waited for the golf tournament to begin

Entertaining at the charity golf Tournament

Shadows of the hula dancers before the evening performance


Seniors Event in Bragg Creek

Pearls of Polynesia Hula Dance Troupe anticipating a great show

Polynesian Dance Troupe Group Shot

Hawaiian Dancing and Singing on Stage with the Pearls

Hula Dancing on Stage for the Seniors


Hula Dancer at Beach Party in the Middle of Winter

Hula Dancer at Calgary Beach Party

Hula Dancer at Calgary Beach Party

Get your sunglasses, bathing suits, towels and sunscreen!  Wait a minute, it’s the middle of winter in Calgary!  What a compliment to be invited to a beach party.  This beach party was put on to showcase all of the catering and event prowess of a superlative event management team at the University of Calgary.  The popular lunch time event featured cabana seating, palm trees, tiki decor, plenty of polynesian-inspired food and many guests who were ready to look forward to the warmer days ahead.  The Pearls of Polynesia were there to meet and greet with guests as they arrived, followed by a stage performance and mini lessons on hula, hawaiian implements and Hawaiian phrases.  This all incited great discussions about how Hawaiian implements should be available in every office.  Calling an office meeting to order would never be the same…

Hula Dancers at Calgary Birthday Luau

Hula Dancers at 50th Birthday Party Luau

Hula Dancers at 50th Birthday Party Luau