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Charity Golf Tournament Luau

Hawaiian Hula Dancing with Delphiniums in the Background

Performing Hula at Charity Golf Tournament just outside of Calgary city limits, entertaining the guests as they waited for the golf tournament to begin

Entertaining at the charity golf Tournament

Shadows of the hula dancers before the evening performance


Hula Dancer at Beach Party in the Middle of Winter

Hula Dancer at Calgary Beach Party

Hula Dancer at Calgary Beach Party

Get your sunglasses, bathing suits, towels and sunscreen!  Wait a minute, it’s the middle of winter in Calgary!  What a compliment to be invited to a beach party.  This beach party was put on to showcase all of the catering and event prowess of a superlative event management team at the University of Calgary.  The popular lunch time event featured cabana seating, palm trees, tiki decor, plenty of polynesian-inspired food and many guests who were ready to look forward to the warmer days ahead.  The Pearls of Polynesia were there to meet and greet with guests as they arrived, followed by a stage performance and mini lessons on hula, hawaiian implements and Hawaiian phrases.  This all incited great discussions about how Hawaiian implements should be available in every office.  Calling an office meeting to order would never be the same…

Hula Dancing at Calgary’s The Ranchmen’s Club

Pearls of Polynesia Taitian Dancer at Calgary Ranchmen's Club Around the World Festival

Pearls of Polynesia Taitian Dancer at Calgary Ranchmen’s Club Around the World Festival

The Pearls of Polynesia performed at the Ranchmen’s Club at their Around the World Festival.  This was a really fun event!  There was food and entertainment featured from all around the world.  Information on the Calgary’s private Ranchmen’s Club here.


Pearls of Polynesia Hula Dancing in Banff

Pearls of Polynesia Hula Dancing in Banff

Pearls of Polynesia Hula Dancing in Banff

It is an innovative and progressive company, whose social committee decides to celebrate their year’s successes by throwing a luau, and in the middle of winter no less!
Christina and I had a pleasant drive out to Banff, and were thrilled to stay at the Banff Centre for the Arts, to do lively Hula and Tahitian performances.
After our performances kicked off the entertainment portion of the evening, we turned the tables on the guests and had the women and then the men, performing for fabulous prizes provided by the corporate sponsor. It was an excellent and hilarious evening for us as well as for the guests, and we finished off the night with a limbo contest. There were some serious contenders for title of limbo champion, and more than a few who got big points for style!
All in all, one of the more memorable nights in the South Pacific!