Family Luau for Victor

The Pearls of Polynesia in connection with Pegasus Performances was honoured to be asked to perform for a surprise 40th Birthday Party for Victor in Airdire, Alberta. The party was held at a very quaint and authentic Italian Restaurant called Il Forno’s 2914 Kingsview Boulevard Southeast #209, Airdrie, AB T4A 0E1 (403) 945-4444. The private birthday party was held upstairs of ll Forno’s where larger parties and functions are held. The large room was packed with family and friends of the birthday boy, Victor who was turning 40 years young! The Luau based party was a smashing success. Victor’s wife was the mastermind behind this wonderful celebration of her husband’s life’s milestone. She wanted to surprise him with a hula dancer as well to get Victor up on stage to allow those who love him to relish in his Pareo sarong wearing splendour and his hula dance skills. This alone brought the crowd to it’s feet with laughter, cheering, encouragement, photos and whistles!

Victor was truly the Victor-ious in his 40-year celebration, as he demonstrated he is not too old to learn new tricks and to dance the night away.

This was a warm and tropical extravaganza on a chilly, wintery eve in the month of February. It was a welcome break from the Canadian weather outside, to visit the tropics and dive into a world of palm trees, coconuts, grass skirts, tahitian warriors and hula maidens. (Despite the fact that the trees may have been of the inflated and paper variety, and the Kanes and Wahines were wearing coats and scarves plus the occasional pair of Sorrel boots to venture into the outside!)

Upon the Pearls of Polynesia entering, the audience went wild, the cheering and the applause was louder than the music as everyone was excited to honour their friend Victor with this surprise moment of the evening. Victor was pulled up on stage beforehand and was accompanied by his daughter, who was beside herself to see his reaction to the performance.

We also were joined by several other men on stage to perform a Tahitian warrior dance.

We were then were joined on stage by some lovely ladies too. Among them was Victor’s wife, Victor’s children, plus female friends and family members. We all learned a hula dance to Tiny Bubbles. Tiny Bubbles is a signature hula piece of the Pearls of Polynesia that is a fun hula dance sequence that all ages can enjoy. The young children were very excited to join in the excitement and festivities on stage. Our lovely hula performance made time to allow the birthday boy to build an appetite again to receive his lovely birthday cake afterwards. As our time came to a close, the birthday festivities and merriment continued with the singing of Happy Birthday, and bringing of the cake.

It was a joyous 40th Birthday for Victor and his family, and The Pearls Of Polynesia were very happy to be a part of this celebration.

All the best for the coming year Victor, make it joyous and keep that warrior spirit and kind heart. Aloha

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Family Hula celebration for the birthday boy Victor

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